Chiropractic is for kids too!

Kids.  They are climbers, runners, and jumpers.  They are energized, honest, and curious.  They are growing, developing, and changing everyday.  Do you think they need to get regular adjustments?  WE DO and here is why!

1.  Kids move, A LOT.  They fall and bump into things all day long and when they do this...they are putting stress on their spines, just like adults.  They have injuries and restrictions to their spines, just like adults.  The only difference between adults needing an adjustment versus a child is, when they are hurting, they usually don't know why and instead of telling their parents, "I need an adjustment" they will show signs like crying, whining, tiredness, poor sleeping, disinterest, attention deficits, hyperactivity....sound a lot like your kids at home?  Many children receive their very first subluxation at birth.  If you think of the process, it would be a little hard NOT to put some kind of stress on your spine, that includes Mom and Dad! =) Right away, parents will notice things like colic, constipation, excessive crying, restlessness in newborns that are drastically affected by a simple and gentle Chiropractic adjustment.

2.  Their brains and spinal cords are still developing.  By keeping proper motion and alignment in the spine during this time, you allow their brains and spinal cords to work and grow like they should.  Chiropractic care allows the body to ensure each muscle and cell has every bit of nutrition, circulation, and uninterrupted communication that it needs to grow and develop optimally.  This is an important concept for adults and ESPECIALLY kids! 

3. Improved immune system functioning.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Getting adjusted regularly helps decrease all those colds and coughs your kids come home with.  An adjustment, particularly to the cervical spine, stimulates the nervous system.  When the nervous system is stimulated, it's like an extra boost of nutrition and communication to the body helping the body signal what it may be...whether it is extra circulation or natural antibodies to eat some viruses, an adjustment might be just the trick to help ward off that winter cold!

We recommend that newborns and toddlers receive adjustments at birth and following each developmental stage, like when they start to rollover, learn to stand, walk, ride a bike, etc.  Along with each developmental stage, once children start becoming involved in different sports like football or gymnastics or even if they start to become an avid reader...getting them adjusted regularly is going to help them perform better, faster, or just keep them pain free during their weekend book binging. 

In order to start getting kids seen more regularly in our community, Dr. Schany is going to start having Healthy Kid Weekends.  When you come in for an adjustment on the designated Saturday weekend hours, bring your kids in and she will adjust or check their spine for FREE! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the date announcement! Have a great day everyone! =)