Is it safe to get adjusted during pregnancy?

There must be something in the water in Emmetsburg...there are a lot of women who are either pregnant or just had a baby so we've been getting a lot of questions regarding Chiropractic and Pregnancy. Most of the questions are asking if adjustments are safe to do, what exactly do the adjustments do, and what effects does it have on the baby.

Getting adjusted while being pregnant is completely safe. Of course before any adjustment, we are going to ask you all kinds of questions regarding how you are feeling, what you are talking about with your Medical Doctor and if there are any concerns or pregnancy related conditions that we need to be aware of. This is just a quick screening we do to make sure there are no contraindications to adjusting your spine and extremities.

Adjustments while you are pregnant are so beneficial to both baby and Mom! Your body is going through an incredible transformation in 9 months. The muscle tone is changing, new pressure points develop, more hormones are arriving daily, all these things are putting a lot of stress on your physical and emotional self. Something I hear with every pregnant female is, “I don't know if this pain I'm feeling is just a normal pregnancy thing or if it is actually a real problem.” The answer to this is simple. Let's adjust you and you are going to feel better!

If you have ever been pregnant, you know you experience all kinds of aches and pains, and some of that pain is just a normal part of pregnancy. However, why should you have to suffer if there is a natural and safe way to alleviate the pain or tension. Between adjustments, acupuncture, massage, kinesiotaping, lumbar support braces...there are a lot things we can do to help you stay pain free!

For example, a simple adjustment to the pelvis helps to relax the uterine ligaments, releases constricted nerve communication, restores normal muscle tone, and allows more room for your developing baby to get into proper positioning so it doesn't always feel like a foot or head is pressing against your ribcage! =)

The effects of an adjustment are definitely not going to harm your baby. There are all kinds of adjustments and things we can do to cater to each woman to make sure the adjustments are both comfortable and safe. Adjustments are not going to do anything other than relieving pain and tension in the mother's body, restore proper communication between the nerves and brain of the mother and furthermore allowing the baby to grow in develop in the best way possible.

We are always here to help and we always have time to answer any questions that may pop up! =)